Go Vita Cairns teams up with Aussie Health Girl – Mona Hecke! – 23rd Sept!


Aug 2015

Go Vita Cairns teams up with Aussie Health Girl – Mona Hecke! – 23rd Sept!


Aussie Health Girl! Mona Hecke is coming to Cairns!



Aussie Health Girl is here to show you why we need to ditch the diet books and learn to love real food again!

This 2 hour food adventure seminar will show you just how amazing your health can be when we choose foods that help us feel alive and thrive!

  • Why we need to improve the health of our children
  • Strategies for a happy dinner table
  • School Lunchbox no brainers
  • Kids in the kitchen
  • Detox your pantry and fridge
  • Food as medicine, anti-ageing and beyond

Aussie Health Girl, Mona Hecke is a Naturopath and best selling author with a passion for food. ‘Food is the universal language of love that brings people together and I want to show you how to put the love back on your plate and in your life’. Join Go Vita Cairns & Mona for an evening of fun, creative and practical ideas, health advice and myth busting as well as

  • Food Demonstrations and Tastings
  • Recipes Handouts
  • Shopping lists for a healthy kitchen
  • Healthy Meal Ideas
  • Top Tips for optimal wellness

Let’s get real, let’s fall in love with real food and healthy choices for extraordinary results! Book your tickets today for an evening with Aussie Health Girl! $20.00 at Go Vita CAIRNS City, Go Vita Earlville & Go Vita Smithfield!


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