Lafew Kombucha


Mar 2014

Lafew Kombucha

Posted by Amanda Herries

Lafew Kombucha LAFEW: Light- Air-Fire-Earth-Water is the basis of all nutrition, long lost is the truth of health and nutrition. Nutrition once meant, Nut (Nux)- ‘ light’, rition, ‘meaning the process of”. So when Lafew make kombucha they are aware of the fundamentals that we can taste, touch, smell, see, sense and ulitmatley know. Life is an alchemical process not a listing of ingredients that someone pulled apart to miss the ‘whole’ living process. Lafew want you to become alive through drinking Kombucha, assimilating the elements. A drink that has shown its wonder for hundreds if not thousands of years is now coming back into fashion. Maybe health is something people are choosing now, and in a fun way. Kombucha is now a local product and hand made for the Far North Queensland Tablelands areas including, Cairns, Kuranda, Mareeba, Atherton and Malanda. It is a cultured/yeast/probiotic fermented non-alcoholic drink that has similar benefits to apple cider vinegar, yogurt, kimchi and kefir. It helps cleane the body, through supporting the stomach, liver and pancreas, and alkalising the blood. Their is a natural cleansing that millions of good bacteria benefit your body.

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