Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss Seminar


Jul 2014

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss Seminar

Posted by Amanda Herries

Go Vita Cairns would like to thank Stephen Eddey a Naturopathic Doctor & Science Genius ~ who Presented at Genesis Fitness Cairns  ~

Please see some of the takeaway quotes from the evenings presentation –
“The number of obese individuals in Australia has doubled in the last ten years, which increases the risk to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Collectively Australians are putting on 6,000 tonnes of fat per year!

Hippocrates stated… “One man’s Food is Another Man’s Poison.”

Due to overwhelming evidence, the Heart Foundation has made an embarrassing ‘back-flip’ on its policy on obesity. The main conclusion of the study was “Dietary fat is not an independent risk factor for the development and progression of overweight or obesity.”

“200g of PASTA = 150g of SUGAR”

“Contrary to popular belief, high carbohydrate diets contribute to obesity. The body will primarily choose to metabolise carbohydrates in preference to fats. While some read this as a signal that we should consume more carbohydrates, it has been found that this promotes obesity due to the fat that during high carbohydrate feeding, lipolysis is significantly reduced.”



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