Natural & Organic Groceries

Mighty Nice Meats!

Mighty Nice Meats – Good For You – All Natural, Grass Fed Beef & Free Range Chicken…. Buy with Confidence ~ NOW available at Go Vita Cairns City store ~ 48 Aplin St


Jimalie – Coconut Wraps

Coconut Wraps have arrived!!!!! ONLY 3 ingridents; coconut meat; coconut water & Himalayan salt! so that means they are ~ gluten free, soy free, corn free, dairy free, egg free, non GMO, vegan friendly, Paleo friendly, yeast free NOTHING ARTIFICAL! & they taste delicious! available at Go Vita Cairns City, Go Vita Earlville & Go Vita Smithfield.


Cocofrio, the delicious organic coconut milk ice cream that cares about your well being and health.

At last, Australia has the best guilt-free, organic non dairy and gluten free ice cream in the world. Cocofrio is the company and the label behind the Australian revolution in certified organic coconut milk ice cream. It’s the pure, organic coconut milk miracle that’s turning heads, and changing minds. Australian-made from certified organic ingredients and certified organic raw agave syrup, it launches in six creamy flavours.

NEW! GUSTO ~ Smoothie Boosters

Look Out Cairns ~ GUSTO is a NEW range of smoothie boosters that increase the level of nutrients and minerals required for optimum health!! It’s a wholefood, raw, vegan blend of traditional herbs!!!

Everyone Loves Banjo Bears

OMG! NEW #Banjo Bears ~ The Mint Carob Bear 15g ~ made with Australian grown Carob and REAL Cocao Butter. #stayhealthy

Paleo Breakfast Cereal ~ Food To Nourish

OMG! NEW Amazing Product #Alert ~ A yummy #Paleo #Breakfast #Cereal. One that doesn’t have any dried fruit it in (other than goji berries), it’s low in carbohydrates and packed with good fats and protein. ~ hazelnuts and macadamia nuts which are #ACTIVATED to make them more digestible. No sweetener in this cereal, only added cinnamon powder, vanilla bean powder and coconut oil. These things together are surprisingly sweet so no need for any honey or coconut syrup. Oh & Lastly, it’s 100% #organic! Thanks #Food To #Nourish This goes great on top of fresh fruit and yoghurt, or you can chuck a few spoons into your morning smoothie. We’re using it as the crumble topping on a Apple and Rhubarb Crumble. Yum! #stayhealthy



Some of you have already tried this decadent spread, because We’ve had some wonderful feedback from you ALL about how AMAZING it is!


This spread contains activated pistachio nuts blended with coconut oil, maple syrup, cold-pressed orange oil and ground cardamon, allspice and star anise.

And of course all ingredients are 100% organic! NOW available at Go Vita Cairns City, Go Vita Earlville & Go Vita Smithfield.

Raw Organic Purple Kale Chips

Go Vita Cairns, Go Vita Earlville & Go Vita Smithfield are proud to now be stocking ~ Raw Organic Purple Kale Chips. Flavoured with Loving Earth’s special blend of sweet beetroot and juicy coconut, we think they’re the tastiest way to get your greens! ~ available at Go Vita Cairns 

Coconut Kefir

Look what’s back in stock!! ~ our hearts are singing & everything’s groovy! Thanks Peace Love & Vegetables – Coconut Kefir is a Natural Probiotic Now available at Go Vita Cairns City, Go Vita Earlville & Go Vita Smithfield  

Cashew CHEESE!

Go Vita Cairns City, Go Vita Earlville & Go Vita Smithfield Introduce our NEW product favorite from Peace Love & VegetablesCashew CHEESE Dill flavour! Probiotic Cheese that grows on trees!!! – A dairy FREE, Vegan, probiotic cashew cheese spread, FULL of flavour, LOVE & certified organic ingredients!!!

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