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RAW Sugar Crave Release

<<RAW Sugar Crave Release>>

Whether you are trying to lose weight and cut back on SUGAR or just want to keep your insides working smoothly, this is a handy spray to have!! #stayhealthy

Following are a list of all ingredients and their health properties –

Green Black Walnut Hull – stomach infections and parasitic infections

Clove Flower – upset stomach, nausea, bad breath

Pumpkin Seed – intestinal parasites, infections

Gentian Root – germ killer, intestinal parasites, muscle spasms

Hyssop Leaf, – digestive and intestinal problems

Cumin Seed – digestion, bloating

Cramp Bark – fluid retention, cramps

Peppermint Leaf – digestion, heartburn, ibs, upset stomach, bacterial overgrowth

Chinese Rhubarb Root – stomach upset and pain, fine cleanser  for the intestines, bowels, liver and blood, helping to rid the system of accumulated toxins.

Thyme Leaf  – germ killer, breath freshener, parasitic infections, sore throat, upset stomach and pain

Oregano Leaf  – heartburn, bloating, cramps, intestinal parasites, allergies

Fennel Seed – digestive problems, bloating, gas

Developed with the help of naturopaths and nutritionsist, this spray was created by a hands on Australian company called Amazonia, creators of premium organic health products which have developed a huge following, both in Australia and Internationally.

Raw Sugar Release available at Go Vita Cairns City, Go Vita Earlville & Go Vita Smithfield


New Product ~ CLIF SHOT Energy Gel

CLIF SHOT GLES now available at Go Vita Cairns City, Go Vita Earlville & Go Vita Smithfield providing quick energy to athletes while racing and training. New Formula and flavors getting energized between breaths has never been easier!

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Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Natural Vitamin E 500IU, Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg,  Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg ( Liquid and Capsule), Horseradish, Garlic & Vitamin C, Immune Support, Iron 24 mg, Gingko 7500 Plus, Green Lipped Mussel 850 mg, Joint & Arthritis Relief 1500 mg, Krill 1000mg, Liver Formula, Lysine 1000, Magnesium Complete, Ultra Magnesium Complete Powder, Olive Leaf 3500, Olive Leaf liquid, Premium Everyday Multi, Premium Women’s Multi,
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