Glass Mason Jars by Daisy 21


May 2014

Glass Mason Jars by Daisy 21

Posted by Amanda Herries

New Local Product Alert ~ Handmade by Daisy 21 

5 Reasons We prefer Glass over … Plastic ~ 
1. Anything poured from a glass container tastes better
2. Glass, unlike plastic, does not contain any harmful chemicals such as BPA
3. When glass gets recycled it turns into more glass, meaning it can be recycled over & over & never lose its integrity 4. Recycling issue aside ~ you are more likely to reuse your glass containers, bottles & jars over & over again & in creative ways  5. Glass is gorgeous. It contains our roots, our history. It’s romantic & nostalgic. Its not like you’d ever put a message in a plastic bottle & throw it into sea…. right? Available at Go Vita Cairns City, Go Vita Earlville, Go Vita Smithfield

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