Paleo Breakfast Cereal ~ Food To Nourish


Jul 2014

Paleo Breakfast Cereal ~ Food To Nourish

Posted by Amanda Herries

OMG! NEW Amazing Product #Alert ~ A yummy #Paleo #Breakfast #Cereal. One that doesn’t have any dried fruit it in (other than goji berries), it’s low in carbohydrates and packed with good fats and protein. ~ hazelnuts and macadamia nuts which are #ACTIVATED to make them more digestible. No sweetener in this cereal, only added cinnamon powder, vanilla bean powder and coconut oil. These things together are surprisingly sweet so no need for any honey or coconut syrup. Oh & Lastly, it’s 100% #organic! Thanks #Food To #Nourish This goes great on top of fresh fruit and yoghurt, or you can chuck a few spoons into your morning smoothie. We’re using it as the crumble topping on a Apple and Rhubarb Crumble. Yum! #stayhealthy


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