Sep 2014


Posted by Amanda Herries

Female 60 Before adn after ACT NOW limited time only.

Go Vita Cairns WANTS a client that is serious to change their lifestyle, Mind and Body.

We have an opening for {2} Weight Loss Clients to be given the full treatment at a heavily discounted rate.
We are only looking for {2} two committed individuals.

We are excited by this offer and can’t wait to share our knowledge, support and mentoring to these lucky two people.

This program in full is valued in excess of $1060.00 but for 2 lucky committed individuals. We will give everything to help you find the success that you are wanting for just 50% off the rate for just $499.00

You will be working with Go Vita Cairns Consultants and your weight loss coach for the 5 weeks to ensure your Success.

If you act now and apply and are the one to be accepted you will receive: 

Free Health Check and Full body Assessment Valued at $50.00
Goal Setting and Education Session and Meal Plan Guides and Tables Valued at $80.00
Full tracking and accountability with Tanita Scales weekly and Health Coach Mentoring Valued at $125.00
5 Weeks Weight Loss Coaching and Weight Loss Program All inclusive Valued at $550.00 
1 Quantam Analyzer 45 Min Session $85
2 x 1 hour Naturopathic Consultations Valued at $170

To apply to be one of the two lucky people that are chosen for this unbelievable opportunity please email us at or private message us on facebook and tell us what you are looking to achieve and why it is so important for you to achieve your goals this time.

Feel Free to include a great reason that will make sure you are chosen for this opportunity! Applications Close 30th September 2014

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